Flat Top Weave

Flat Top weave is a square or slotted pattern that places all of the crimps on the underside of the screen. By creating long runs of smooth wire on the top surface, this weave offers less resistance to the flow of material, thereby providing more surface for a longer wear life.

SPEC #1: SPEC #2: SPEC #3:
Weave size: 3/4″ square opening 5ga (.207″) Weave size: 1″ square opening 3ga (.244”) Weave size: 2″ square opening x 3/8″ (.375″)
Alloy: High carbon steel Alloy: High carbon steel Alloy: High carbon steel
Percentage of open area: 61.4% Percentage of open area: 64% Percentage of open area: 70.9%
Weight per SF: 2.93 lbs Weight per SF: 3.26 lbs Weight per SF: 3.89 lbs


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